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January 2024 Brewsletter: Invitation to Collaborate on Wild & Scenic Earth Day Series!

Want to collaborate on a Wild & Scenic Earth Day Beer?


Great beer starts with clean water. You all know this better than anyone. And that's why Oregon Wild and the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is working to advance federal Wild & Scenic River protections for 3,000+ miles of our at-risk waterways. This would be the largest expansion of river protections in Oregon history and it would safeguard the drinking watersheds (er, brewsheds) for 1.3 million Oregonians across the state!


Building on last year's inaugural collaboration series in which ten breweries across the state made delicious beers to benefit protection efforts of Oregon's rivers, we're back at it again with an invitation to collaborate with you on a special Wild & Scenic Earth Day collaboration beer this April!


Our friends at Yakima Chief Hops and Coleman Agriculture have once again generously offered to donate hops to participating breweries that craft a special beer to honor their watershed.


Please reach out to Jonathan at by February 1st for more information and to get in on this collaboration to protect clean water and rivers in Oregon!



In the final weeks of 2023, two far-reaching policy processes were unveiled that could shape the future of our forests for generations to come.

The Forest Service is proposing to amend the Northwest Forest Plan, a visionary policy enacted in 1993, that curtailed much of the reckless old-growth clearcutting on our public forest lands throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and set a new standard for the conservation of wildlife, clean water, and public lands forests.

At the same time, the Biden administration has announced a new plan to protect old-growth forests from commercial logging by amending forest plans nationwide. This proposal is a step forward in implementing the administration's Executive Order on conserving mature and old-growth forests as a climate solution.

You can weigh in in support of strong forest and water protections in these proposals until February 2. More at



The Oregon Brewery Running Series is back for another year of fun events! An Oregon Brewshed Alliance partner since 2018, the Oregon Brewery Running Series has hosted many events at breweries throughout the state to raise money and awareness for Oregon conservation. We’re looking forward to another year of lacing up our running shoes, raising our glasses, and keeping Oregon Wild. 

Check out the 2024 event lineup here.



Ruse Brewing has been a great Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partner for the past three years and makes some of the best dang beers around!


Their Borders of Night Oatmeal Stout is a Brewshed team favorite this time of year and made for the perfect treat after a recent winter hike in the Cummins Creek Wilderness near Cape Perpetua.




The Forest Service has proposed amending the Northwest Forest Plan, which has helped conserve millions of acres of our public lands. We need your voice to ensure safeguards for drinking water, wildlife, old-growth forests, and climate change are not dismantled!



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