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Mission: Our goals for the brewery are modest ones— to build a business that was tightly integrated with our family lives, to honor the place we call home and love so dearly, and to create a warm, friendly space where others could experience our creations. Our goals for the creations themselves are anything but modest.

Established: 2012

Location:  Hood River, OR

 Pfriem artisanal beers are symphonies of flavor and balance, influenced by the great brewers of Belgium, but unmistakably true to our homegrown roots in the Pacific Northwest. Although they are served humbly, each glass is overflowing with pride and a relentless aspiration to brew the best beer in the world. We’ll let you decide.

“Water is an essential element of all human life, and as it happens, you need great water to make great beer. pFriem aims to preserve these waters and ecosystems by supporting the Brewshed Alliance and conservation efforts like the River Democracy Act to improve the health of our water systems.”
                               - Josh Pfriem, Brewmaster/Co-Founder
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pFriem at Drift Creek Wilderness (1).jpg
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