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July 2023

Mission: We capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest by creating ciders that are deliberately innovative, bold, and flavor-forward! 

Established: 2012

Location:  Seattle, WA

Portland, OR 

The Seattle area-based cidery is the largest fresh-pressed cider maker in the U.S. Committed to capturing the essence of the Pacific Northwest, Schilling creates hard ciders that are deliberately innovative, distinct, and flavor-forward. With an eye towards sustainability, Schilling incorporates culls (imperfect apples), sources locally grown ingredients, and responsibly processes and cans their ciders in the region. 

As part of Schilling’s Keep It Wild campaign, the cidery teamed up with 8 environmental non-profits in April and donated 5% of sales of Local Legend and Excelsior Imperial Apple Cider to the causes. Oregon Wild was honored to be one of these partners for the second year running. The campaign is all about preserving the natural habitats of our planet and empowering Schilling customers to make a difference in their communities. 


June 2023

Mission: Let it Pour!

Established: 2012

Location:  Eugene

Brewpub - 1334 Oak Ally

Pour House & Delicatessen - 790 Blair Blvd. 

Falling Sky Brewing was founded as a collaboration of makers, combining the efforts and talents of home brewers and chefs to open its first pub and LET IT POUR in January 2012. They opened the Pour House Delicatessen in July 2013 and have been refining the fantastic menu and brews ever since. Ownership transitioned to Steve Such, a huge river fan, in 2020, and the good times keep pouring! Today, you can find some of Falling Sky’s classic recipes and new faves in cans, and enjoy delicious food at both pub locations.

Falling Sky may be small, but has been a great Brewshed Alliance partner! They donated to the 2022 Call of the Wild benefit, and brewed Dam Free Imperial Hazy IPA as part of the Wild & Scenic Earth Day Collaboration in April 2023.  OnTuesday, June 27 they are hosting a benefit pint night - part of the Pour It Forward program - from 3 to 9pm. Come by for a brew and to say hi to Oregon Wild staff!

YakimaChiefHops landscape photo

May 2023

Mission: Our Mission is to connect family hop farms with the world’s finest brewers, providing the highest quality hop products and uncompromising service for the ultimate benefit of our customers, employees and growers.

Established: 1988

Location:  306 Division St, Yakima, WA

We all know water is vital to brewing, but what about hops?! We’re proud to have more than one hop-growing partner, making sure this ingredient is sustainable. 


Yakima Chief Hops is a 100% grower-owned network of family hop farms. Since 1869, they’ve been known for quality hops with an ever-growing vision towards sustainability. Situated in “Hop Country, USA,” or the Yakima Valley as you may know it, YCH is uniquely positioned to establish strong relationships between the growers who supply their super-premium hops and their innovative brewing customers who make the most of their products in their beer. YCH’s mission is to connect family hop farms with the world’s finest brewers, providing the highest quality hop products and uncompromising service for the ultimate benefit of customers, employees, and growers. YCH understands that access to clean water is undoubtedly important to produce healthy hops and refreshing beer, which is why they are a strong supporter of Oregon Wild’s work.  There is an intrinsic relationship between healthy waterways and healthy hops; therefore, YCH’s growers strive to conserve the use of this natural resource for their growing requirements.


Yakima Chief Hops and grower/supplier Coleman Agriculture donated hops to this year’s Earth Day Collaboration brews.

Hopworks Juicy Bear IPA at McCall Point

March 2023

Mission: To revolutionize and inspire the brewing industry with practices that drive quality, protect the environment and improve its community.

Established: 2007

Location: 2944 SE Powell Blvd. Portland, Oregon

With locally-sourced, organic and Salmon Safe hops, HUB’s 20-barrel brewery produces 13,500 barrels of beer a year for their brewpubs and for distribution throughout the Northwest. Hopworks is family-owned and operated, employing over 130 people in the Pacific Northwest. They serve their neighborhoods through donations, profit sharing and volunteering with local, non-profit organizations. From composting to salvaged materials, and from pervious pavers to hand dryers, HUB makes every effort to protect our future with thoughtful alternatives. They are the first Certified B Corporation brewery in the Pacific Northwest and their campus is the first Salmon-Safe Certified brewery in the world.

As a B Corp, Hopworks is committed to using the business of beer as a force for good. The brewing industry’s reliance on clean and abundant water means that it needs to work hard to protect this resource for future generations. Hopworks walks the talk. They participated in this year’s Brewshed Earth Day Collaboration, and has made Oregon Wild a beneficiary of the 2023 Salmon Safe IPA Festival.

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