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Want to collaborate?

Updated: Mar 28

Hey Brewshed Partners!

Just six weeks into 2023, it feels like an entire year of conservation work has already taken place! And we're just getting started as we speak out to protect clean water, climate forests, and native wildlife! Now, we're focused on ramping up Oregon Brewshed® Alliance efforts to make our collective voice as loud and effective as possible. And for a super fun way to do that, we have a question:

Want to Collaborate on a Wild & Scenic Earth Day Beer?

Great beer starts with clean water. You all know this better than anyone. And that's why Oregon Wild and the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is working to advance the largest expansion of river protections in Oregon history -- safeguarding watersheds (brewsheds) all across our state!

To help elevate this campaign and the incredible connection between clean water and great beer, we want to collaborate with you on a special Wild & Scenic Earth Day collaboration beer this April!

Our friends at Yakima Chief Hops and Coleman Agriculture have generously offered to donate hops to participating breweries that craft a special beer to honor their watershed.

Please reach out to Jonathan at by March 1st for more information and to get in on this collaboration to protect clean water and rivers in Oregon!


Raise Your Glass (& Your Voice) for Wildlife!

Oregon Wild and partners are working to advance a critical proposal to help recover native wildlife species across our amazing state.

The Recovering Oregon’s Wildlife Fund establishes funding to conserve and recover Oregon’s wildlife and habitat, which supports Oregon’s thriving outdoor recreation and tourism industry. To help pass this critical legislation, we are asking breweries and recreation bu

sinesses to sign onto a letter demonstrating your support to key decision-makers.

Please show your support for wildlife by signing onto this letter today!

If you'd like any additional information or have questions, please contact our Wildlife Program Manager Danielle Moser at



In the months ahead, we'll be working to further elevate the voices of the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance and its partners across all our social media channels.

So if you have some ideas for how to flex our collective social media muscle to help advocate for clean water and forest protections, let's collaborate!

We'll also be highlighting Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partners each month to spread the word about the great work you're doing to protect Oregon's incredible watersheds, forests, and wildlife!

Make sure to tag @OregonWild and #OregonBrewshedAlliance in any of your relevant posts.


The Cumulus Tropical IPA from Coldfire Brewing was the perfect trail beer on a recent hike to Brice Creek. South of Eugene in the Umpqua National Forest, Brice Creek is a proposed Wild & Scenic River that stands to gain new protections under the River Democracy Act.

There's a trail along the creek through old-growth forest, accessible all year round.

Cheers to Coldfire Brewing!




Donations from Brewshed® Alliance partners makes our work possible. Thanks for all you do!


From working to protect our wildlands and rivers to defending our old-growth forests and native wildlife (like wolves, sea otters, and salmon), Oregon Wild has been a stalwart advocate for the places that inspire us all and bring us together.


Lastly, if you haven't done so already, please recommit to the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance by filling out this short form today!

Thank you for being part of the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance

and for all you do to help us keep Oregon Wild!

Sincerely, your Oregon Brewshed Alliance team, Chandra LeGue, Oregon Wild - Eugene / Willamette Valley Jonathan Jelen, Oregon Wild - Portland / Hood River / Astoria

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