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September 2023 Brewsletter: Big Victory for Old Growth! Now let's celebrate!

Updated: Nov 17


Last month, Oregon Wild and partners won an enormous victory in court when a federal judge made a sweeping recommendation to set aside an illegal Forest Service rule change made under the Trump administration.

Oregon Wild and conservation partners, with support from the Nez Perce Tribe, challenged the Trump administration’s illegal change to the Eastside Screens, a longstanding set of rules to protect old growth on six national forests in Eastern Oregon and Washington.

The Screens protected trees over 21 inches in diameter on more than 7 million acres of public lands. These represent the largest 3% of trees in the region. But just days before President Biden took office, a political appointee of the Trump administration illegally changed the rule to allow those trees to be logged. So Oregon Wild and partners stepped up to defend these older forests and the critical wildlife and climate benefits they provide.

A federal judge agreed and found that the Forest Service should be required to prepare a full environmental analysis of the impacts of such a rule change and that the public should have an opportunity to weigh in when it comes to such a major decision impacting public lands.

Photo by Jim Davis


We're just two weeks away from Oregon Wild's annual Call of the Wild benefit event and we'd love to have you be part of it! Two easy ways that Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partners can help make this event a success:

  1. Get your tickets today! You can get individual/couple tickets or your business can get a Tent Sponsorship that comes with extra promotion and ten tickets for your team!

  2. Can you help promote this event to get as many awesome people as possible there? Whether by email or social media, your promotion is greatly appreciated!

This camp-inspired event will feature delicious beer from Brewshed® partners Hopworks Brewery and Breakside Brewery, as well as silent auction packages featuring gear and gift cards from pFriem Family Brewers, Alesong Brewing & Blending, Ruse Brewing, Leikam Brewing, Ecliptic Brewing, Ninkasi Brewing, Claim 52 Brewing, Hop Valley Brewing, Portland Cider Co. and Cascade Lakes Brewing! We hope to see you there!



This month, we'd like to recognize pFriem Family Brewers for being such an incredible Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partner!

From participating in the Wild & Scenic Earth Day Collaboration Series with their Oregon Wild IPA to being an outspoken voice for protecting Oregon's rivers through the River Democracy Act, pFriem continues to make a huge difference for conservation in Oregon.

Three cheers to pFriem for all they do to help keep Oregon wild!



Join Oregon Wild and Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partner Cascade Lakes Brewing Company on a hike along Bridge Creek, a proposed Wild & Scenic River and Bend’s primary drinking water (and beer-brewing) source on October 28!!

We'll learn from Cascade Lakes Brewing Company about the importance of protected clean water sources to Bend’s thriving craft beer industry, and Oregon Wild’s efforts to protect Bridge Creek (and watersheds across the state!) for clean drinking water, fish and wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, and climate resiliency.

Sign up for the hike here!



Steve Such, owner of Falling Sky Brewing in Eugene, is spearheading a collaboration between Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partners to highlight and advocate for Oregon’s finest trout fisheries.

This collaboration will work closely with Oregon Wild on education, advocacy, and promotional materials in order to spread the word (which will involve lots of time spent drinking beer and casting lines on the rivers we are working to protect!).

Interested breweries can reach out to Steve at Falling Sky or Sami at Oregon Wild.

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