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A huge win for biodiversity deserves a huge party!

Cheers Brewshed Partners!

Oregon Wild's annual Call of the Wild benefit event is our biggest party of the year and we'd love to have you be part of it! Tickets for this camp-inspired event just went live and the support we raise that night helps propel our advocacy efforts all year round! Last year, Oregon Brewshed® partners from all over the state helped make Call of the Wild a huge success and we would love to have you involved again.

Three ways that Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partners can help make this event a success:

  1. Get your tickets today! You can get individual/couple tickets or your business can get a Tent Sponsorship that comes with extra promotion and ten tickets for your team!

  2. A big draw at the event is one of the best dang silent auctions around and we would love to have an Oregon Brewshed® Alliance package showcasing the best that Oregon breweries have to offer. We're asking ten breweries and cideries to donate $50 gift cards. Can you donate a $50 gift card and a pint glass to help us make this event a success? If so, please reach out to Jonathan at To show our appreciation, we'll happily recognize your generous support in our many promotions of the event over the next few months!

  3. Can you help promote this event to get as many awesome people as possible there? Whether by email or social media, your promotion is greatly appreciated!

We'd love to see you there and cheers the fantastic wild places and water that Brewshed partners have helped protect! Now, onto one of the conservation successes we'll be celebrating.....

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Photo by Jim Chamberlain.


In a huge victory for conservation and biodiversity, Oregon Wild and partners won a court case earlier this month to defend protections for the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument!

The Monument was first designated in 2000 under the Antiquities Act as an ecological wonder known for its incredible diversity of species. It was then expanded in 2017 by President Obama. The court decision earlier this month again confirms protection of these special federal lands and is a major victory for the Monument and the spectacular variety of plants, fish, and wildlife that depend on the Monument’s ecological integrity.



For the past two years, Schilling Cider has utilized their "Keep It Wild" campaign to generate huge support for conservation!

This year, the cidery donated 5% of the sales of two of their favorite ciders to support some great conservation groups - like Oregon Wild and our work to protect Wilderness and wildlife (like Sasquatch) all across Oregon!

With a cider house in SE Portland that boasts countless cider options, stop by and raise a glass to their commitment as a great Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partner!



A 3-Way IPA...atop the Three Pyramids trail... looking out at the Three Sisters in the distance. Great things do come in threes!

Every year, we all look forward to the 3-Way IPA release(s) and it never, ever disappoints!

As a founding Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partner, Fort George Brewery has long supported conservation.

From hosting events and taking action to participating in our Wild & Scenic Earth Day collaboration, we're thankful for all the ways they support Oregon Wild and the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance!



The places that bring us all together are beyond photogenic!

So for 16 years running, the Oregon Wild Photo Contest has offered Oregonians a chance to connect with the state's one-of-a-kind wildlands, waterways, native wildlife, and the people who enjoy them.

Let your photographs tell a story that inspires others to cherish and preserve Oregon's natural heritage.

Help us spread the word and submit your photos today!


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